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Welcome to Recycled Earth. We are proud to be your local recycler. We would like to thank you for supporting us and we are pleased to serve you. Our goal for our customers is to save money and also conserve natural resources. We do this by converting commercial, residential construction and demolition waste into reusable products.

We are investing in a bailer that will package scrap metal, cardboard and plastic. Recycled Earth accepts all residential recycling so help out the environment and bring us your recyclables.

We sell landscape products as well as recycled roadbase and gravel that can help with your home or landscape project needs.  We offer innovative technologies and high quality services.

Please view our pricing options online or contact us for recycled material.


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Hours - Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm and Saturday 8am - 2pm.
Closed Sunday


Recycled Earth - Recycle Center in Ogden Utah